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Here are 3 compelling reasons:

1. Subject matter experts will often tell you the best way to do their specialty, instead of whether you should focus on that area of your business. Marketing experts give marketing advice, legal experts give legal advice, and accountants give accounting advice. What if you need to focus on your product? Or fundraising? Or sales? I help you figure out what to focus on, suggest low-risk tactics to try, and then help you find good subject matter experts when the time is right.

2. Setting goals for yourself is hard. The key part is “for yourself”. Normally, other people will set goals for you and assign you tasks that you may not want to do. Sometimes, it’s even worse when no one tells you what to do. What should your goals be? What do you really want out of your business? Out of life? These questions are harder to answer than you think, especially without an outside perspective challenging you. I have your best interests in mind when helping you set goals for your business (and ultimately, yourself).

3. Accountability is more effective when it is to another person. You are more likely to achieve your fitness goals with a trainer or workout partner than you are alone. Why would business be any different? I’m willing to let myself down all the time, but I rarely let other people down. It’s part of our social nature. When you’re a founder, you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck to get stuff done. I expect you to do the work and make progress, even though I’m more pleasant than a boss.

I can help you figure out what to focus on, which goals to set, and make sure that you achieve them.

If this sounds like something you’d need help with, book a free introductory call with me.