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Zack Pennington

Advisor. Creative. Entrepreneur.

Many early-stage entrepreneurs reach a point in their journey where they feel stuck and unsure of what to do next. I provide 1:1 advising that helps them find the best path forward by aligning their skills, resources, and goals so they can break through their roadblocks and build their ideal business.


Here is my calendar where you can book a free one-hour initial call to get help getting unstuck in your business journey.


Here is my most recent original music project where I wrote and produced songs, videos, and artwork.


Here are some of the companies I’ve helped start and some of the products I’ve helped develop.

Services and Pricing

How I became a "Zack of all trades"

Growing up, I moved around a lot, which forced me to learn how to meet and get to know people very quickly. As an adult, that skill has become very valuable because I see people as future friends instead of strangers.

I moved to Louisville, KY in 2003 to attend undergrad at the University of Louisville. I completed my BA in Communications and French Minor there in 2007 and my Entrepreneurship MBA in 2012. Between undergrad and grad school I was a full-time touring musician in an original rock band called Hark The Herald.

I moved to Austin in June of 2019 with my wife to be closer to her family and to be part of an exciting new ecosystem for both entrepreneurship and music.

Over the years, I’ve started or helped run several companies and creative projects. I’ve learned just as much from failures as I have from successes. Along the way, I’ve acquired a large and diverse set of skills to become the ultimate generalist, or “a Zack of all trades.”

My greatest skill, however, is truly understanding other people. I enjoy helping them figure out their purpose, and the next steps, and then helping them better communicate their plans to other people.

If you’re interested in a one-on-one call to discuss your business or project and what to focus on next to solve the biggest problems you are facing, book a free 60-minute session with me below.