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Is there such a thing as a second-hand testimonial? If so, I just received my first one from a friend of one of my weekly clients, April Grubb of SnoWhat.

“A close friend of mine has been working with Zack for several months now, and I’ve been so impressed when she tells me about the planning and progress she’s made while working with him. My friend has a lot of awesome ideas, but she sometimes struggles to narrow down which ideas are best to pursue and which will make the most sense long term. I have noticed her being more focused and better able to prioritize her short-term goals. When my friend and I connect after her meetings with Zack, she is excited and hopeful about her business goals. I’ve been impressed with the ideas and feedback Zack is providing her. I’m so happy to see her and Zack collaborating to create feasible interventions with a clear path to execution.”

-Ellet Durbin

Not only has April’s friend noticed a change in her, but we also have the numbers to back it up. At the beginning of the quarter, April and I set 2 goals: A North Star Metric and a Counter Metric. The North Star is the most important thing for her to focus on this quarter: increasing her sales. The Counter Metric is designed to make sure that you don’t burn down your business in pursuit of the North Star. In her case, it’s a certain cash balance at the bank.

I’m happy to say that 56% of the way through Q2 she’s already exceeded her North Star goal! I’m so proud of her hard work and, more importantly, how much she’s been focusing. I know how hard it is for creative people like us to focus, and April has pushed herself out of her comfort zone multiple times to make it happen. Now she can focus the rest of the quarter on growing her cash balance AND her sales.

If you or someone you know needs help making and sticking to plans for your business hit me up!